About Lee-Anne Wann

Lee-Anne is not only highly educated and informed on the latest research but she is the most relevant, trusted and respected fitness expert in the country. She consults to a number of New Zealand’s elite sports people, musicians and television celebrities. She is a regular fitness and health commentator on nzherald.co.nz radio, television and in print and has written three no-nonsense books in the past 10 years. Lee-Anne is a popular speaker at corporate events, internal conferences and executive retreats. She was the health and well-being presenter on TV One’s new show “Kiwi Living” in 2015.
In 2013 she was appointed the Vodafone Warriors’ nutritionist and is a household name through her time as a personal trainer in the health transformation show, Downsize Me. She is a huge advocate for men’s health and was the driving force behind the significant change in four males lives as a result of a health campaign The New Zealand Herald ran in 2014. As a result she was asked to be an Ambassador for Men’s Health Trust. Lee-Anne is an upfront, straight talker with a fun-loving approach that is full of energy, inspiration and professional.

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Nutritionist to the N.Z Warriors

Mens Health Ambassador

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