Why They Work

Two of the biggest challenges for all of us working out are:

  1. Finding the time
  2. Knowing what to do

The desire is there, the want is there, the need is there but other things always seem to take priority and if we do find that miracle hour we are always told we need we’re often not sure where to start or what to do. Time is precious and we want to make sure what we are doing is the most effective and efficient to achieve the results we want.

To keep it real and to make sure it works for you, I have designed and created all of the following workouts so they can fit into your schedule, lifestyle and situation.

No gym?

No problem try some great home or lunchtime workouts. Want to tone your arms and shoulders for a special occasion but no time for anything else?
No problem choose a target program. Whatever your need or wherever you are there is always an option for you to create the maintain the body and health you deserve.

Caring For You

Each workout will identify whether it is a beginner, intermediate or advanced workout. If you have not exercised consistently for three months or more, I recommend starting with the beginner workouts until you feel comfortable to move to the intermediate level. For all others I would suggest starting with intermediate so you can get a feel for it before moving to the advanced level. Let’s face it, we don’t have a lot of time, nor do we want to spend all of our spare time sweating away doing things that are not the quickest or easiest way to get results.

“if you are going to do it, why not do the best and most effective thing you could be doing”.