Start small on fitness to make big changes

People can easily alter their overall health by focusing on the small things.

Health and fitness practitioner Lee-Ann Wann, who visited New Plymouth recently, says simple things such as eating a good breakfast, sleeping well and drinking water can make a huge difference.

‘‘Don’t underestimate tweaking little things that are achievable and affordable because they really do work,’’ she said.
‘‘We try to do lots of big things and because, often, there’s many things we want to change or our challenges are quite big we think that we need huge answers. The answers really lie in getting the basics right.’’

Wann, who grew up in Rahotu, was candid about why she got into health and fitness. ‘‘I got fat and sick and no one could help me.

‘‘I think that’s a lot of reasons why many of us end up on the paths that we do; it’s for self help, looking for the answers that we didn’t know where there.

‘‘So I started educating myself; how can I minimise my depression? ‘‘How can I reduce body fat because the typical calories in calories out wasn’t working for me?’’ Now Wann is focused on helping others. ‘‘I don’t want anyone to go through what I went through.’’

The television star was in Taranaki for one day filming for TV One’s new programme, Kiwi Living.
Wann is also the nutritionist to the Vodafone Warriors and is doing a degree in natural medicine.

‘‘It’s very challenging to be trained in actual food. ‘‘It’s about understanding the chemistry behind it and the hormonal response and the molecular structure of things so you can make a non-emotional decision about how that food can impact upon us.’’

People should be wary of food that comes from a packet. ‘‘We don’t question drinking purple drinks. Isn’t a purple drink weird?’’
Another thing to be mindful of is fruit juices, which have been taken for granted as healthy but may actually be full of sugar.
‘‘At the end of the day we are the ones who have the most interest in our health, nobody else does. I don’t blame companies. Their job is to make money. Their job is not to look after our health,’’ she said.