Men’s Health Ambassador


Lee-Anne is proudly associated with The Men’s Health Trust New Zealand as one of their Ambassadors. Men’s health trust is a not-for-profit Trust established in 2007 as a national charity.

We desperately want to change the way men think about their health and encourage them to proactively visit their doctors and take responsibility for living healthy lives.
New Zealand men go to a doctor three times less than women. They die from 3,000 preventable deaths every year – one every three hours. Of the ten most common causes of death facing New Zealanders, men top all of them.
Many of these deaths could have been prevented or conditions treated earlier if men took better care of themselves. These preventable deaths are caused by smoking, obesity and diabetes, alcohol and driving, mental health and suicide, cancers and heart attacks.
We realise that young men rarely need to go to a doctor unless they have been injured whereas women have more reasons to visit their doctor and develop a relationship with them. That’s why some men don’t realise the importance of health screening to help detect these preventable diseases and deaths. We want to improve access to health services for men of all backgrounds and ethnic groups.
By focusing on their physical and mental well being, and by making their health and health education a high priority, we believe these statistics will improve greatly.

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