Immunity Bundle: Coldeka / Zinc / Vitamin C

Immunity Bundle: Coldeka / Zinc / Vitamin C

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This is a great foundation bundle to enhance and boost your immunity.

Including an excellent form of Zinc, an incredibly effective organic Vitamin C and my favourite Coldeka (Vitamin D) blended with immune boosting Shiitake mushroom you cannot go wrong.

For further information on each product please use the links below:
Vitamin C

I love this bundle because it so super simple and so damn effective.

Let’s be honest most of us are so busy trying to make life work and stay on top of everything, we do not have time to eat perfectly, sleep 8 hours or even take a breath let alone focus on enhancing our immune system and making sure we are as resilient and as strong as we can be or need to be.

We have to stay well and this bundle helps to do this so well.

Optimise your immune system using a foundation combination.

β€’ Zinc x 1 tab per day WITH FOOD
β€’ Vitamin C x 1-3 tabs per day spread throughout the day
β€’ Coldeka x 1-2 Tabs per day spread throughout the day

This information is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. Please consult your Doctor for all medical advice.