We called on Lee-Anne Wann to impart her knowledge at our key partner’s, Dairy Women’s Network, yearly conference. This was a special paid breakfast and sold out fast. We hadn’t worked with her before but the audience was very receptive to the information and knowledge she was imparting. In fact, there were so many questions from the audience, we ran overtime and had to shuffle her and attendees out of the room to a waiting area to continue the questioning. Lee-Anne’s enthusiasm was infectious and with her agricultural background, she showed she understood the audience, which they loved.

Helen Peat Product Manager, Feed Ballance Agri-Nutrients

Mens’ Health Seminar -I came to work blurry eyed one day this month with a couple of our contact centre cohorts but boy it was well worth it! Mix of both sexes there too which was great – the ladies must have been spies taking down notes for their other halves I presume? I found Lee-Anne so inspiring and motivating and the best speaker I have seen while I have been here. It was refreshing to hear ‘her’ take on mens’ health and that how doing little things can make such a big difference.

I enjoyed the seminar so much that I went straight out and bought myself all of Lee-Anne’s recommended foods. I have been having each food every day since, and plan to do so for at least a month. Have added in a green tea each day for good measure too as she suggested. Not sure I have noticed much yet, other than the fact I have lost a couple of kgs which is big considering I don’t have any current exercise regime –other than running around after our 2 boys . I must admit my wife and mother-in-law thought I was a bit crazy buying bulk bags and jars of these things…. until of course I told them about the weight loss. That was a game-changer and they are now planning trying out these foods too and asking me a million questions. Thanks so much for organising this Wellness Team!

Fisher & Paykel Employee

On behalf of our members thanks so much for Friday morning’s presentation. I’m sure you could see how well received you were!
Really interesting information – has been the topic of several conversations since.
Thanks again,

Jane Tongatule General Manager Greater East Tamaki Business Association Inc (GETBA)

Lee-Anne joined us in New Plymouth for the 2015 Mitre 10 MEGA Ladies Night.
What a fantastic, down to earth woman she is! Lee-Anne easily captivated our 700 strong audience with advice, knowledge and tips.
Her attitude of starting small appealed to all walks of life and varying fitness levels – rather than being pushed, women felt inspired and capable.
As a speaker she was punctual, energetic and thoroughly professional. We have had nothing but positive comments from the evening.

Nicole Attrill Marketing and Events, Mitre 10 MEGA, New Plymouth

Now in my mid 40’s the time pressures of work and family life had seen bad habits creep in. The results Lee-Anne has helped me achieve have spoken for themselves, I’ve halved my body fat and dropped 9 Kg in weight, whilst putting on lean muscle mass.

Lars BojsenMøller Head of Distribution, Southern Cross Health Society

Lee-Anne is highly professional whether it is operating in corporate environment, fitness training orpublic speaking. She combines high learning agility with incredible work ethic and drive for results. Tells it like it is. Anyone thinking of engaging Lee-Anne for fitness or nutritional coaching or public speaking can do so confident that they are hiring one of the best.

Carl Carrington– GM New Zealand at Sheppard Industries / Avanti Bicycle Company, New Zealand

Training using LeeAnne Wann’s programs has quite literally changed my body and my life. She has done for me in 4 months, what myself and other trainers failed to achieve in 3 years. I was a slave to the gym, sometimes training 2 and 3 times a day, but getting mediocre results. Once I started working with LeeAnne’s programs, my body changed almost immediately and I have lost almost 10kg, but more importantly I am keeping it off and I no longer spend all day in the gym and I have never been healthier, happier or looked better. Her approach of work smarter, not harder has changed everything for me and I cannot thank her enough for all the support and encouragement and everything she has done for me, quite simply the most amazing trainer!

Ami Kelly – Accounts Manager

OMG !!… Unbelievable results from Lee-Anne Wann’s expert programs and incredible eye for detail and technique! A bit of background from me – In my early thirties I was pretty familiar with training, free weights, cardio and the basics of decent nutrition. Now 10 years later and still in the same 105kg – 111kg range I have maintained all my life (I’m a 6ft 1inch bloke by the way) my regime of late had really just been about stopping my shape changing and visibly falling into middle age! I was doing a couple of hours power walking a week , and 2 – 3 ‘feel good’ 40 min sessions at the gym – comprising mainly of a 1km moderately fast run, a 4.5 km cycle, 3 sets of parallel bar dips, 3 sets of something for my arms/shoulders and a good stretching and crunch session on the mat. The result was that I suppose I I’m not totally unfit, have ok triceps, and it’s a good balance for work stress and the poor food and alcohol choices I made most days. In terms of looking good however my posture hasn’t been great, I looked quite stiff with hunched and shrugged shoulders. I do carry fat on my stomach and despite having abs somewhere in there it was looking quite “pushed out”…. oh and I do suffer from frequent back pains.

Three weeks ago I met with Lee-Anne and gave her an impossible brief. “I don’t want to diet, and I only want to do 3 x 30 minute work outs a week”. Lee-Anne assessed my ‘feel good routine’ and immediately threw it out! She took great care and attention in giving me some very specific, very
technique focused weight training, using embarrassingly light weights and combined it with a very short sharp amount of high intensity cardio / interval work. I love her teaching style – its clear and direct with plenty of encouragement, and she really helped me understand the bio-mechanics of why and how she wanted me to move in a particular way. I have only gone the gym with this new 30 minute programme six times over the last 2 weeks and the results are astounding. With the fine details of form and methodical technique ringing in my ears and distracting me from feeling like I should be lifting heavier weights (just because I could) I’m now standing straight, my chest is up and out, my shoulders are down and back in place, my stomach has flattened, and my shoulders, arms and chest have definition that’s getting better and better!. I’m feeling and looking really really good!!
There are alot of trainers and nutritionists out there – but you are a true expert, teacher and leader in your industry !!
Thank you so much Lee-Anne.

Mark Thompson – Chief Operating Officer Touchpoint Limited

Lee-Anne is highly educated in all aspects of fitness and health, and with her incredible intuitive skills enables a perfect training session both physically and mentally. The information that she gives in a session helps to understand “what we are doing and why”, optimising a training session to the full. Despite all of her knowledge, she takes it back to basics, “that muscles have to be activated to grow and tone”, without that happening we can spend hours in the gym exercising and lifting weights with absolutely no results, “form” while working out is paramount , “less exercise can be more affective” these are the fundamentals of what I have learnt and they have worked for me. I have gained more from my experience with Lee-Anne’s programs over the past year than I have in a lifetime of fitness
and exercise!

Steph Wyborn