Pics Big Mix


This looks like a healthy option for a breakfast spread especially with the addition of chia and hemp seeds and I am such a big fan of sunflower seeds too but what is in the detail?

Weight loss 4/10
Health 4/10

Would I Consume this?

Not for me as I avoid peanuts as a rule of thumb as they are not a nut but rather a legume which contain a number of inflammatory anti-nutrients (including lectins) that can pose problems for your gut health, ability to lose weight and thyroid.

In fact, peanuts are “thyroid triple threats” because they also contain oxalates and goitrogens which suppress thyroid function. See my video here on Thyroid support for weight loss

What's the breakdown?

61% PEANUTS: And as mentioned above they are a legum not a nut and contain 3 compounds that can supress thyroid function and make weight loss harder and reduce overall health.

PUMPKIN, SUNFLOWER, SESAME, CHIA SEEDS: Love all of these and so good for you on so many levels – they do not say organic so am guessing they are not so although quality might not be great, the ingredients itself are still good.

SALT: Does not tell us what type so probably highly processed and refined which is not optimal for health or weight loss.

MAY CONTAIN SOY: Due to the processing methods and location, many products need to have this on the label for allergy warnings.  I like to avoid foods that may contain soy as this also interferes with thyroid and can alter hormone function in the body.

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