About Lee-Anne

Trust is everything

Refreshingly Different

Lee-Anne Wann is one of New Zealand’s most trusted health and fitness experts. Lee-Anne has extensive accreditations in health, nutrition, well-being and fitness and is constantly updating and refreshing her knowledge to ensure she is up-to-date with the latest trends, ideas and scientific research so you don’t have to be. Lee-Anne’s approach is not fad based but one that recognises that our lives are complicated and busy and that we need real solutions that are easy to implement and truly work.

Lee-Anne has been the face of health and fitness in New Zealand for over 20 years and has worked with hundreds of personal clients, sports teams, companies and media to provide people with real and lasting results.

• Private Health & Fitness Consultant to the Rich & Famous.
• Vodafone Warriors National Team Nutritionist
• Radio Health Commentator RadioLive
• New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing Nutritional Consultant
• New Zealand Kiwi Ferns World Cup Team Nutritionist
• Television Host – Kiwi Living
• Television Host & Trainer - Downsize Me

global reach

In The Media

As a television host for ‘Kiwi Living’ in 2015 and 4 years on the TV show ‘Downsize Me’ as the personal trainer Lee-Anne has connected with audiences on a global scale. Lee-Anne is a regular columnist for many publications and during the past 20 years has written three health and fitness books and is a regular speaker at corporate conferences, company workshops and executive retreats.

Lee-Anne is upfront, honest and a straight talker who has a fun-loving approach that is inspirational and professional.