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Outstanding Master of her Craft; incredibly bright with an armoury of health and fitness knowledge is how I would describe Lee-Anne.

As a busy director of multiple companies, I have always struggled to prioritise time for my own fitness, health, and wellbeing. Lee-Anne’s approach is such that I quickly realised that the only way to get the results I wanted was to give her full control of both my meals and exercise regime. Her no nonsense approach ensured that I was always working towards a weekly health and fitness goal, whilst still working towards a very much long term, sustainable master goal.

I found the process relatively easy, achievable, and even dare I say it - enjoyable. Having completed an initial foundation programme with Lee-Anne in late 2022, I’m now about to commit to the next step eight week programme to ensure I continue to track on the path to my ultimate overall health and wellbeing goal / outcome.

Lee-Anne helped me through a severe lower back injury where I was literally unable to walk.  Within 8 weeks, I saw massive changes from not being able to walk to being able to swing a golf club again.  Lee-Anne's program not only helped understand my nutritional needs better but I lost 16kgs from the healthy eating program that Lee-Anne put me on.  Her program has taught me a lot about my body and what my body needs to live a better lifestyle.  She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and her programs move as you move and deliver what is best for you.

Lee-Anne is the only person I would recommend if you are looking to lose weight, manage stress or just have a better healthier lifestyle.

Hello I’m Tony Wheeler from bar & restaurant development company ‘Raising the Bar Consulting’ I have a few bars & restaurants, consult to the bar industry, breweries, franchise sites etc. I also have two US based companies; my own customers tell me who much I increase their profits and how my energy helps them succeed.

All of that comes at a cost for me, my stress, bad habits, bad eating times and bad decisions regarding my own health are my way of life, simply put I prioritized my health last.

About 5 years ago my life changed long term and it’s my pleasure to introduce the reason for that change and it’s this amazing human Lee Anne Wann.

Lee Anne helped me to get a body reset and change forever the way I see my health.  Her ability to share her local & international knowledge of men’s health issues, good habit formation & coping techniques has been extremely beneficial to me, this even helps my own management team and team members across all of our businesses.

Lee Anne operates with integrity and a truly professional approach. She challenges my thinking which can sometimes only be effectively achieved with an external consultant.

I personally recommend taking advantage of Lee Annes skills & expertise as a way to improve your health, life and long term it’s also effect’s my business and personal success & profits.

So, to you all Change your priority, get Lee Anne in your life!

I would like to thank Lee-Anne for the great knowledge she has shared about health and well-being.  12 months ago, I was not in a good space, my blood pressure was dangerously high and I was unaware and unsure of where my life as heading. In a few short weeks with easy changes personalised to me and focus on Lee-Anne’s advise and plan I have made the change for good.  My prescribed meds have halved, and my blood pressure is back to a normal level.  My doctor is over the moon with my changes. Over the last 4 months working with Lee-Anne on her programs I have lost 17kg and am feeling the best I have in years.  I would highly recommend Lee-Anne to anyone that is keen to make a lasting change.

It was a lightbulb moment when a good friend made the introduction to Lee-Anne Wann, one of NZ's leading health and fitness experts.

I had been under a fair bit of pressure both from a health and head perspective - overweight (make that obese!), stressed, not sleeping, or eating, well,suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes. At 67, I was heading for an early grave.

Having just completed an eight-week programme and signed up for a second 'tour of duty' under Lee-Anne's watch command, I have got my life back. It has not been without its challenges but because every step has been explained in layman's terms, I understand why and what needs to be done.

The exercise had not been, as I initially imagined, a boot camp regime. It was tailored to challenge but not discourage me and there has been a complete change of mindset with regard to food - I am eating healthily but still enjoying many of the things I always had - just less processed. I have become a label reader, knowing instantly when I pick something up off the supermarket shelves whether it will fit into my food protocols. I don't call it a diet, as that gives it the wrong connotation - it is more of a healthy eating guide. End result, all my markers have steadily come down and the tale of the tape and the scales is a good one, dropping 8 kilos, over 10% bodyfat and losing 11cm around my middle. A regular doctor's checkup has seen my meds decreased.

During the journey I have always felt well-supported - Lee-Anne has become in a short time part of the family with a side-effect being other family members have benefited along the way. And I now know where I am heading health-wise, and more importantly, how to get there. Knowledge is power.





The M.8 Foundation Method and programs place great emphasis on fortifying resilience and effectively managing cortisol (stress) levels. It is not merely a life-changing experience; it holds the power to save lives. The M8's blueprint adapts and evolves alongside your progress, encompassing Lee-Anne’s eight essential components:

The comprehensive assessment of your well-being allows Lee-Anne to track your progress, identify any areas that may require adjustment, and provide targeted recommendations for optimal results. Additionally, the inclusion of hormonal profiling, girth measurements, weight tracking, and photos provides valuable data that enables a deeper understanding of your body's response to the program. This data-driven approach allows for fine-tuning and customisation of your plan, maximizing the effectiveness of the program and ensuring that you are on track towards achieving your desired outcomes.

These sessions provide a dedicated space for personalised guidance and targeted interventions, enabling you to optimize your physical well-being and achieve your desired health and fitness outcomes. Lee-Anne's expertise and guidance ensure that the exercises and movements selected are tailored to your specific needs and goals, helping you achieve optimal results. Postural alignment is a key aspect addressed in these sessions. Poor posture can lead to various issues such as discomfort, reduced mobility, and even chronic pain. Through targeted exercises and techniques, Lee-Anne helps you correct imbalances, improve posture, and promote better overall body alignment. This not only enhances your physical appearance but also contributes to better movement efficiency and reduces the risk of injuries. Additionally, the therapy component of these sessions focuses on regulating your nervous system. Stress, tension, and imbalances within the nervous system can have a significant impact on your overall well-being. Lee-Anne incorporates therapeutic techniques to help relax and restore your nervous system, promoting a sense of calmness, balance, and improved mental clarity.

Regular adjustments and modifications to all protocols offer the benefit of a highly adaptable method that evolves with you. This level of customisation ensures that you are continually challenged, supported, and optimised for progress throughout your health and fitness journey ensuring y our personal guides remain dynamic and aligned with your evolving needs and progress. By flexibly adapting to your journey, this feature optimises your experience and maximises results.
The nutrition planner allows for continuous refinement of your dietary approach. As your body responds and your goals shift, Lee-Anne can make necessary adjustments to your meal plans, ensuring they remain effective and supportive of your changing needs.
The supplement protocol is similarly adjusted to accommodate your evolving requirements. Lee-Anne can fine-tune the supplements recommended to you, considering factors such as changes in hormonal profile, lean tissue growth, or other individual considerations. This ensures that you are receiving the most appropriate supplementation to support your overall health and performance.
As your movement priorities evolve, Lee-Anne can shift the emphasis of your program to address these areas effectively. Whether it's targeting certain muscle groups, addressing mobility limitations, or focusing on specific performance goals, this personalised approach ensures that you receive tailored support and guidance where it matters most.

The M.8 program knowledge centre is your comprehensive and personalised resource hub, specifically tailored to your needs. Accessible from any device at any time, it provides you with all of your personalised information, resources, and tools to support your journey. With the knowledge centre at your fingertips, you have the convenience of accessing all of your support materials and recommendations whenever it suits you best. Whether you're at home, in the gym, or on the go, you can tap into this centralised repository to empower yourself with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions and take charge of your health.

Having direct communication with Lee-Anne allows for real-time coaching and support, enabling you to seek clarification, discuss progress, and receive immediate feedback on any challenges or questions you may have. This personalised attention keeps you motivated, accountable, and empowered, as you have a trusted expert readily available to address your needs and provide tailored guidance. Moreover, the direct access to Lee-Anne fosters a sense of connection and engagement, enhancing the overall program experience. It creates a collaborative partnership, where you can openly communicate, share successes, and receive personalised motivation to stay focused and committed to your health goals.

Involving family members facilitates better communication and understanding of your health objectives. They can become aware of your specific needs, preferences, and challenges, allowing them to offer appropriate support and assistance. This alignment within the family unit reduces potential conflicts and barriers to your progress, making it easier to maintain consistency and stay on track with your health goals. Coordinating with family members can lead to shared healthy habits and lifestyle changes. When everyone is working together towards improved well-being, it can have a positive ripple effect throughout the household. This creates a healthier and more supportive environment for all family members, promoting long-term wellness for everyone involved.

This ensures your ability to uphold your commitment to the program, even when faced with travel or special events, while effectively managing your daily work demands and other obligations.
When traveling or attending special events, it can be challenging to maintain a consistent health and fitness routine. With the personalised planning and guidance offered specifically for travel and special events. Lee-Anne can assist you in strategising and making appropriate adjustments to your nutrition, exercise, and overall lifestyle to accommodate the unique circumstances you encounter during travel or special occasions. This ensures that you have a tailored plan in place that allows you to make conscious choices that align with your health objectives. Moreover, the support extends beyond planning. You receive ongoing assistance and guidance throughout your travel or special event period, helping you stay on track and make informed decisions. Whether it's providing tips for healthy dining options, suggesting convenient exercises or movement routines, or offering strategies to manage stress and maintain focus, the support provided enables you to navigate these situations with confidence and success. It ensures that your efforts are consistent, regardless of external circumstances, allowing you to strike a balance between your work demands, obligations, and your commitment to your overall well-being.

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Recognised for her exceptional work, Lee-Anne has had the privilege of serving as a vital contributor to New Zealand's top sports teams, including the New Zealand Vodafone Warriors and New Zealand Kiwi Ferns. As the prominent TV trainer in the country, she has captivated audiences with her expertise and motivating approach. Beyond her television appearances, Lee-Anne's commitment to men's health advocacy is showcased through her role as an ambassador for the Men's Health Trust and creator of the NZ Herald Men's Health: Small Change, Big Gain campaign, making a significant impact on the well-being of countless individuals. Her impact extends even further as an accomplished author, having written three books on health and fitness. Notably, Lee-Anne's expertise has attracted high net worth clients from the United States, where she acts as a private health consultant. Her ability to provide tailored guidance and support to these individuals further solidifies her standing as a leading figure in the industry.

"Outstanding Master of her Craft; incredibly bright with an armory of health and fitness knowledge is how I would describe Lee-Anne"


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