Lunacol - Anti-Aging, Anti-wrinkle, Longevity

Lunacol - Anti-Aging, Anti-wrinkle, Longevity

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LunaCol is a ground-breaking supplement and marks out new, global trends in supplementation. It is the first generally available preparation in Europe and now in New Zealand containing lunasin – a protein occurring uniquely in nature, which has aroused sensation for a breakthrough in numerous fields of science and for the development of new solutions in health, youth and beauty.

This supplement is my first choice when I think about anti-aging and how can I minimise the disease and symptoms associated with aging. I look at it as a tool to help me unwind some of the damage I did to myself when I was younger with some of the poorer health and nutrition decisions I made so as I age I am stronger, healthier and more resilient. As an added bonus it has a positive impact on how I look and my ability to keep my skin looking younger and more vibrant.

• Longevity
• Anti-aging
• Immune boosting
• Management of Inflammation
• Antioxidative properties
• Bladder health support
• Anti-wrinkle
• Optimising health & well-being

Ingredients and Quantity in a daily dose:
Yeast extract (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) – 700mg (including 25% beta-d-glucan – 175mg)
Lysozyme – 30mg
Soybeans extract – 10mg (including lunasin 1mg)
There are no capsule fillers in LunaCol – this role is played by 1,3-1,6D β-glucans, which are extremely valuable in healthy nutrition.

2 capsules - 1 capsule two times a day with a half glass of water each.
Dosages may be altered to optimise health and well-being. Please contact us anytime to discuss your personal needs.

Please do not take this supplement if you have an allergy to any of the ingredients. This product should not be used after the best before date.

Lunasin affects vitality from the DNA level – by regulating the activity (expression) of genes. For that reason, it is referred to as epigenetic material.
Research confirms that epigenetic factors have an enormous impact on the functioning of the body. As one of the epigenetic factors, lunasin exhibits an exceptionally broad spectrum of activity, including: activation of immune forces, regulation of cell life cycle, and antioxidant and anti-cancer properties. Those are just a few examples of the uncanny biopotential potential of this protein. Because lunasin does not undergo enzymatic digestion during its journey through the gastrointestinal tract, it reaches the cells without losing its natural bioactivity. “We are what we eat,” said Hippocrates. Lunasin, the first scientifically described epigenetic food has perfect absorbability. Being built into the protein complex (2S albumin), it is not digested in the stomach and passes through the intestines into the blood and to the cells.
A global sensation was caused by the observation that the unique amino acid structure of this bioactive peptide allows it to influence the positive expression of our genes. It might sound like medical fiction, if not for the fact that it has been proven with countless studies. Lunasin, discovered only at the end of the 20th century, was an inaccessible substance for a long time, so much so that even laboratories conducting research on the use of its properties in medicine couldn’t get their hands on it. The first technology for isolating lunasin from soybeans was protected by patents.
Lunasin, available only in the US in the form of dietary supplements, despite the fact that they usually contain no more than the declared 600 nanograms (billionths of a gram) of pure lunasin per capsule, seems to fulfill another American dream of a capsule like Viagra or Prozac, giving the consumer the desired effects. Lunacol gives you much more! – one capsule of LunaCol dietary supplement contains as much as 5 milligrams of the proprietary, biologically active 10% lunasin acquired by means of a Polish method, which gives 0.5 milligrams of this protein in pure form.

The composition of LunaCol is complemented by major two substances in supplementation:
1. Lysozyme (muramidase) – the basic enzyme for the immunity of mammals and an innate part of our immune system. A very high concentration of lysozyme can be found in colostrum, which protects a newborn human baby before it produces its own immune system. It’s one of the most valued substances that can be contained in a dietary supplement. Among the products consumed by us, lysozyme can be found only in egg whites (provided that they have not undergone any heat treatment) and traces of it are also present in non-UHT processed milk, especially goat’s milk. “Slow like a turtle, strong like an ox,” is what immunologists say about lysozyme, indicating that just one milliliter is able to protect a 1000-liter tub of wine against all pathogenic microorganisms! It was not the well-known discovery of penicillin that Alexander Fleming considered the most important work of his life, but the first-ever isolation of muramidase.

2. Beta-glucans are the most important compounds of dietary fibre. Their regular consumption is deeply justified with broadly-understood prevention – in the growing awareness of the need to supplement our everyday diet with health-promoting substances, increasing attention is given to polysaccharides.
LunaCol is produced with the technology and quality required for medicine (EFSA)
Properties of selected ingredients:
• Anti-aging
• Antioxidative properties
• Anticancerous properties
• Anti-inflammatory properties
• Reducing LDL cholesterol and risk of cardiovascular disease
• Inhibits invasive potential of melanoma initiating cells
• Prevention of osteoporosis

• Antimicrobial
• Innate immune system
• Inflammation management
• Infection management
• Bladder health support
• Support for wound repair

• Boosts heart health
• Regulates blood sugar levels
• Health Benefits in Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome
• Stimulates immune system
• B-Glucan in children: effects on innate immunity
• Beta glucans are used to boost the immune system,
• To lower total and LDL (“bad”) cholesterol and raise HDL (“good”) cholesterol,
• To improve liver function
• To activate white blood cells, which in turn can recognize and kill tumor cells
• Breast cancer and undergoing chemotherapy
• Immunostimulant and adjuvant therapy
• To improve recovery from respiratory infections
• To improve recovery from allergic rhinitis
• In the treatment and prevention of allergic diseases
• To stimulate physical endurance in children with respiratory problems
• To enhance macrophage function in trauma patients
• Helps in fibromyalgia
• Helps in Crohn’s disease
• Rheumatoid arthritis
• Treatment of arthritis
• Ulcerative colitis
• Viral infections (HPV, HIV/AIDS, and others)
• Effective at healing skin conditions (bedsores, dermatitis, diabetic ulcers, eczema, wounds, radiation burns)
• Improvement of Psoriatic Arthritis
• Anti‐wrinkle therapy
• Anti-Aging
• Ear infection
• Beta-glucan supplement reduces upper respiratory symptoms and improves mood state in stressed women
• Upper Respiratory Tract Infection Symptoms and Mood State in Marathon Athletes