Immune Booster LIGHT

A Light Smoothie-based Red Meat Free Plan for Immunity & Weight Loss


  • Boost immune function & lose weight.
  • Designed for people who want to reduce or avoid red meat and like a quick and easy breakfast. 
  • Check below for suggested snacks, supplements to enhance weight loss and personal water goals.

Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner Tip
MONDAY Green power smoothie avocado omelette lemon quinoa swap omelette to 2 x eggs and avo if in a hurry

avo choc pie smoothie

zucchini fritters & salsa beetroot leaves & garlic Add some chicken or fish to dinner if desired
WEDNESDAY beetroot health smoothie broccoli egg bake warm ratatouille Save 2nd serve of bake for an easy dinner tomorrow
THURSDAY almond bliss smoothie lemon quinoa broccoli egg bake Add a serve of greens to your bake if desired
FRIDAY hot cacao smoothie (hot or cold) broccoli & carrot w pecan chicken & zucchini salad Add an egg to your lunch if desired
SATURDAY avocado lime smoothie slow cook chickpea stew beet & ginger soup Make chia pudding tonight ready for tomorrow's breakfast
SUNDAY chia & coconut pudding beet & ginger soup slow cook chickpea stew Save additional serves of stew for next week


Daily Water Goal

  • 40 mls per kg of body weight.
  • Add 1 tsp organic apple cider vinegar to every 750mls.
  • Spread throughout the day
  • Finish 50% before midday and all before 3pm.

Snacks During the Day (choose 2 options per day)

  1. 2 x Herbal Teas with 1 tsp of coconut oil added to each cup
  2. Green Power Smoothie
  3. 1/2 cup sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds
  4. 2 serves pistachio bark chocolate

Supplement Support

Boost your immune function with the IMMUNITY BUNDLE

See my Top 5 Tips to Boost Immunity for more support.

Contact me directly if you would like your supplement regime customised for your needs.

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