Foundation Builder - BE GREAT

A great planner to get you started and build a solid foundation.


  • Dampen stress and re-balance with this plan.
  • Designed for people who want to improve their health, well-being and counteract the signs and symptoms of aging.
  • Click on the link for each recipe. Note some are 2 serves which allow for an easy lunch or dinner option the next day.
  • All recipes are gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, soy-free & preservative-free.
  • To optimise the plan, check below for suggested snacks, additional resources and personalised water goals.

Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner Tip
MONDAY coconut & walnut muesli carrot, beetroot salad coconut chicken curry with coconut naan Save 2nd serve of curry for lunch tomorrow
TUESDAY avocado omelette coconut chicken curry with avocado fennel & almond fish
WEDNESDAY avo choc pie smoothie broccoli egg bake chili beef stir fry Save 2nd serve of bake for an easy dinner tomorrow
THURSDAY coconut & walnut muesli chili beef stir fry broccoli egg bake Add a serve of greens to your bake if desired
FRIDAY toasted almond rolls with hummus & tomato salmon hotcakes w almond beans chicken & zucchini salad use avocado or eggs with your rolls as an alternative
SATURDAY almond flour pancakes broccoli & carrot with pecan beef goulash Make chia pudding tonight ready for tomorrow's breakfast
SUNDAY chia & coconut pudding immune boosting soup w almond rolls pesto chicken with side of green vegetables Save 2nd serve of chicken for Monday's lunch


Daily Water Goal

  • 40 mls per kg of body weight.
  • Spread throughout the day
  • Finish before 3pm.

Try to minimise alcohol for the first 14 days and have 1 x glass of water with lemon for every alcoholic drink you do consume.

Aim to have coffee black or with a dash of full fat cream or coconut milk.

Snacks During the Day (choose 2 options per day)

  1. 1 x serve apple banana loaf or caveman muffins
  2. Cumin crackers and hummus
  3. Custom smoothie for your goals - message Lee to have created.

Supplement & Lifestyle Support

  • Ensure you are taking a zinc supplement - this is key to building a solid foundation.
  • Consider triple helix collagen for joint, organ and muscle health.  Please note not all collagen is created equal and this is the ONLY form I recommend.
  • Magnesium is advised for enhancing sleep, heart health, mood, blood pressure and much more.

Not all 'healthy' foods are great for you so be sure to read this article and ensure you are making the best choices for your goals: 6 over-rated health foods.

Managing stress is paramount to achieving optimal health and well-being - this is a wonderful article with some great tips: Staying on top of stress

Contact Lee-Anne if you would like your supplement regime customised for your needs using the Resources You Want Section.

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